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Reach & Frequency: Capturing the Urban Audiences

With  the evermore evolving media scene outdoor advertising remains strong in delivering your message across to the urban audiences. Population is reached quickly and effectively. Outdoor advertising is present 24/7 and communicated to all dempographics regardless their language, nationality or age group. It is a highly visual and creative media that leaves a longlasting impact when exploited properly. As people get increasingly mobile and commuting is a daily routine for most, outdoor advertising provides unchallenged presence for brands.


Daily Touchpoints: urban commuters

As our populations grow more urban daily commute becomes longer. This provide the brands the possibilty to communicate with their audiences on a daily basis during their every day travel. With an estimation that  by 2050 more than 70% of global population will live in the cities, OOH is an ever more relevant media channel. It's evolving along with the cities. Organically fitting in whilst standing out. Timely and relevant OOH messaging can influence the day-to-day choices of consumers and build positive brand perception. ​
Source: Outdoor Impact Baltics 2017

role of OOH: The Evolving Media Landscape

With the growing number of communication channels, from Video on Demand to social media, audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented. The growing number of media channels competing for our attention reduces individual reach and effectiveness of brand messaging. OOH remains a key medium that surrounds audiences in their everyday environment.  It can reach them while they are close to the point of sale, and when they are more receptive and less distracted by other media. Sophisticated OOH audience measurement systems around the world such as Outdoor Impact Baltics demonstrate how well OOH fits in with the evolving media mixes and is becoming ever more relevant.

ACTION -> reaction

Outdoor advertising is an excellent influencer of  purchase desicions . Point- of- sales planning provides you the possibility to inform your target audience of the latest offers. It's there at the right time,the right place.  There are no blocks to OOH so your audience can swing purchase decisions by being in the right place at the right time.  With mobility being one of the most oustanding trends in the recent years, OOH has become even more influetial by being the most effective media to  reach an audience that is constantly on the move. 


Attraction & Buzz: drive of earned media

OOH campaigns are naturally positioned to encourage mobile interaction and are known to trigger mobile search. Eye-catching and considered brand messaging enhances campaign effectiveness, driving social media and word of mouth. Be creative & brave.