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IN REAL TIME. The right message, at the right place, at the right time.

Digital screens by JCDecaux are placed in busy thoroughfares, where they are visible daily to residents and travellers. For cities and transport authorities, they offer a responsive solution that can deliver a wide range of messages in real time, like weather, traffic, event announcements and alerts. Their flexibility also makes it possible to broadcast a customised message at a specific place and time.



Digital effectiveness

Average increase (test vs. control)
+6%Time spent looking at advert
+17%Spontaneous ad awareness
+6%Average creative rating

Sources: Neuroscience, Conducted by Neuro-Insight, using the Neuroscience technique of Steady State Topography (SST) measuring brain response of 160 participants; Ad Recall, Conducted by Research Bods, using online webcam eye tracking and online survey of 280 respondents; Sales Effect, Conducted using test & control store sales data for 4 advertiser campaigns;



Flexible booking:

10 sec. SPOT
every minute
every 2nd minute
every 4th minute



of audience likes DOOH advertising*




*Source: Digital Effect, WallDecaux study



Use as many creatives as you wish





Use API data flow to adjust to the context and make your campaigns more personal


Geolocation:Announcements or price offers at the specific locations
Weather:Cabriolet advertisement when the sun is shining and the SUV when it’s raining
Time of day:Cereal in the morning, convenience food in the afternoon and red wine in the evening
Customer:information (e.g. product availability): Fly to Frankfurt for €99 — only eight tickets left
Events:Pollen forecasts lead to the advertisement of allergy medication



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