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Along with the digital network, we have installed sensors on our furniture to count the traffic flow. Company AllUnite offers WI-FI sensors, that can read device MAC addresses providing information on how many people have passed our advertisement locations within 50m. This data is giving valuable insight into how the people's movement changes depending on the hours of the day, events that are happening in the city, workdays, or weekends. The technology used by AllUnite is GDPR compliant.

In order to make sure that data is valid, AllUnite does a sensor calibration, during which people are being manually counted on the street. The calibration results were very precise in Latvia: 99,8% of manually counted people matched the data collected by the sensors. In general, the data precision should match 94%+- 5% (meaning that there might be people with more than one device, people without any device, or with WIFI configured turned off).

This solution is successfully implemented in Lithuania and Denmark and it is also approved by JCDecaux DataCorp.

The first sensor in Latvia was installed in March 2021 and it is expanding along with the digital network. Currently we can analyze the total, the unique flow of the people and the dwell time.