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 JCDecaux Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia announces the launch of a new comprehensive outdoor media audience measurement system study Outdoor Impact 2.0 that unites all three Baltic countries in a collaborative effort. Led by the Outdoor Technical Committee, comprising representatives from advertisers, media agencies, and media owner JCDecaux, Outdoor Impact 2.0 is set to redefine how outdoor advertising is planned and measured in the region.

Transparent Collaboration for Industry Excellence

Outdoor Impact 2.0, set to launch in Q4 2024, aims to redefine outdoor advertising measurement in the Baltic region, aligning with Global OOH Audience Measurement Guidelines. Guided by the Technical Committee, a decisive forum led by representatives from advertisers and media agencies in the Baltic countries, the study focuses on delivering accurate and credible audience data.

The system will encompass information on over 5000 advertising frames across the Baltics, providing advertisers and media agencies with a robust platform to calculate contact volumes, reach, and frequency for different cities and formats.

Utilizing Visibility Adjusted Contacts (VAC), the system will evaluate the unique visibility conditions for each advertising panel, enhancing the precision of audience calculations. Furthermore, travel habit studies will contribute to breaking down contact volumes into reach and frequency within the target demographic.



"I highly value JCDecaux’s initiative to update the data and improve Outdoor Impact methodology, so that we would have available up-to-date and precise data about the outdoor advertisement opportunities in the Baltics. In future I expect that there will be data available not only for the planned contacts, but also for a specific campaign’s real contacts and audience."

Setting Global Standards for Accuracy and Credibility

The system aims to become an industry benchmark, offering transparency and openness to all Baltic OOH market players, facilitating effective campaign planning.

The upcoming system, launching in Q4 2024, will introduce map updates, new traffic flow data, and improved functions, solidifying its position as one of the world's most modern OOH media calculation systems.

Four Pillars of Outdoor Impact 2.0 Study:

· Travel Survey: Conducted from November 2023 to May 2024, covering key Baltic cities.

· Traffic Counts: Comprehensive data on various traffic types.

· Inventory & Panel Classification: Detailed information on static panels and digital screens.

· Visibility Study: Employing ROUTE methodology to enhance visibility insights.

Jelena Brokane JCDecaux Latvija Managing Director:

"Without correct audience measurement, outdoor advertising is just a signpost. We sell the quantity of contacts. This can be measured with a clear and understandable methodology. The first measurement system for outdoor advertising in the Baltic market was already introduced in 2012. We are currently working on a new version of the system, which will cover several cities in Latvia, as well as provide more accurate measurement of outdoor digital screens, up-to-date traffic data and a modern platform."

Key Features of New Audience Measurement System:

· Updated and in-depth information on 5000< advertising panels

· New travel data for all types of traffic, including detailed calculations for cars, public transportation, cyclists, and pedestrians (we do not yet if we will have the data)

· Advanced calculation methodology for both static advertising panels and digital screens

· Verification of data by independent Outdoor Technical Committee

· Partnership with MGE Data by Ipsos, a global leader in OOH audience measurement and Nielsen IQ, an international research company responsible for the Travel Survey studies.


Outdoor Impact 2.0 Study is a commitment to setting new industry benchmarks, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and excellence in outdoor advertising measurement.




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