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We offer 8 Eurosize networks, 1 large format network and jcdecaux novelty - SMART DOOH + ANALOG EUROSIZE NETWORK

Eurosize network includes 100 Eurosize places - public transport billboard planes. Each network reaches 59% of Riga residents who will have seen the advertisement at least 3 times; 47% of Riga residents who have seen the advertisement at least 5 times. The locations of the overlays are close to various points of interest, you can get more details about each overlay in the documents below.

Large-format network with 7 planes reaches 26% of Riga's population. Large formats in the network are placed near the streets with the largest traffic flow in Riga and are very visible to motorists.

SMART DOOH + ANALOG EUROSIZE NETWORK includes 60 Eurosize faces and 40 digital DOOH faces.
The network reaches 62,7% of Riga residents and offers an effective mix of formats, utilizing the best features of analog and digital advertising!


This is the most relevant format for campaign planning according to POI. A customized location plan adjusted to a certain target group is possible due to the high frequency of this format


The large format furniture is strategically located on the largest roads entering Riga, therefore effectively reaching daily commuters.


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