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70% of Latvia's population reached
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Founded in 2005 JCDecaux Latvia has grown to be the market leader and local expert of Outdoor Advertising. Delivering an outstanding reach of more than  2/3 of the country's population, we are proud of our network.  We believe that following through every aspect of our operations is what makes us stand out. The quality and worldwide expertise are our strogholds.  

My whole carrer has been driven by a constant desire for excellence, a strong ephasis on desing and an obsession with always, always using our advertising- based model to serve the community.

Jean-Claude Decaux

The Founder of JCDceaux

JCDecaux Latvia works in a close collaboration with its sister companies JCDecaux Lithuania and JCDecaux Estonia.  Reaching over 80% of economically active population of Baltics JCDecaux can guarantee an excellent coverage of the whole region. 

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