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2513 faces 9 cities


95% of audience reached*

source: Outdoor Impact Baltics, 2018

High frequency format

Lakto (2019), Riga

Bus Shelters and City Lights are perfect at achieving fast and effective reach to audience.

Paulig (2019), Rīga

Our Bus Shelter & City Light network ensures regular frequency delivered at multiple touchpoints of the urban commuter.

Mangali (2019), Rīga

This format is backlit and positioned at an eye level thus easily percievable 24\/7.

Positivus Festival(2017), Rīga

The network provides brands with real presence in the everyday life of the urban dweller.

This is the most relevant format for POS planning. A customized location plan adjusted to a certain target group is possible due to the high frequency of this format. OOH is an excellent media for sales activation.


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