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Key Facts

Since April 2012 JCDecaux is the official advertising operator of  Riga International Airport - a regional hub and one of the fastest growing European airports  with a 12,9% passenger increase versus 2016.  

  • 6,1 million Passengers Serviced in 2017

  • 89 Destinations

  • 205 Average Daily Flights

  • Baltics regional hub

  • TOP 5 of Europe's Fastest Growing Airports

Source: Riga International Airport, 2018

The Environment


Airports are exciting places to be. Airport audience generally has a  positive mindset as most of them are heading towards new experiences thus they are  more likely percieve  brand communication. Whatever the advertising format  might be - passengers are  more likely to interact due to  the dwell time they spend in the terminal. 

The Audience

Airport audience is much sought after by marketers due to it's spending habits and income levels.  Air passengers have a high percentage of bussiness travelers, which is percieved to be a tough to reach yet very attractive target group.  Whatever their origin might be, airport is their touchpoint before the next destination where they spend considerable time before taking off. 

Riga Airport Passenger Profile

Source:Riga International Airport, 2018
Source: ASQ, 2017
Source: ASQ, 2017


The Experience

Airport is a great place to have a more in depth conversation with your audience. Seeing that spends a considerable time  in the terminal  and is positively inclined, it is more likely to try out new products or simply percieve new information.


The form of communication can be anything from standart light boxes for impactful image advertising to interactive experiential areas for passengers to have fun before taking their flight.

Creative Airport Advertising, by JCDecaux, 2017 




Geo-location map of possible solutions in Riga International Airport

Riga Airport Media Formats


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